Galaxy Cruise 3 is here… almost!

Hello friends! I’m so excited to share this month’s big news.

Galaxy Cruise 3: Trial by Leisure is coming on April 24!

And this post is dedicated to sharing all the details. Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom to get…

  • The cover reveal!
  • The blurb!
  • The first chapter!
  • And learn how you can read it first, for free!

First of a new series…


by Jay Toney

Four hundred and thirty thousand years ago, the first Nephilim came to Earth in search of gold. After a perilous journey, the Stargazer, the Nephilim flagship, lands on the alien world. First contact with what is thought to be an intelligent creature doesn’t go well.

A decision to burn the surrounding grass, enrages the creatures, a large pack of dire wolves. Now, the Nephilim are being hunted, not for food, for revenge.

Wolves are not the only hostile creatures they will face. There are water dragons, sabretooth tigers, deadly vipers, and more. This is the story of their struggle to survive and create the first city on Earth, Eridu.
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Galaxy Cruise 3: The Cover Reveal

As you may know, I make my own cover art, because I’m both a control freak and a cheapskate. I’m really proud of how this one turned out. How do you like it?

And big thanks to S.C. Jensen for the great cover quote! If you haven’t already, you should check out the first book in her funny cyberpunk series Bubbles in Space.

Reminds readers of early Asimov work…

The Neighbor You Don’t Know

by Shane Shepherd

After countless years of preparation Mission Terra Firme One is finally ready to commence and give Earth the answers it has long waited for, about the planet Neighbor.

The TSS Cartographer is about to arrive and its First Officer Baldwin “call me Win” Tavares believes that he might just be able to touch his hand to that rocky ground and that’d be enough for him to learn everything there is to know about their old Neighbors, the things they’d done and what they’d left behind.

But not everyone is as kind-hearted or has such noble intentions, and Neighbor holds more mysteries than anyone could have imagined. Exploring it might open the gates for a flood that threatens to drown everything, and Win must make decisions that hold his life, and that of all around him, at stake.
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Galaxy Cruise 3: The Blurb Reveal

Some of you might remember that when Trial by Leisure first went on pre-sale it had a blurb. Then it had a different blurb. Then it had no blurb and just a vague promise the book would be funny and eventually the author would stop changing his mind about what the story is about.

Today I can share the final blurb that actually describes the actual book! For everyone who’s already pre-ordered, thank you for taking a gamble on this one sight unseen. For everyone else, here’s what you’re getting into…

Stuck in the ultimate tourist trap…


Exiled in a bizarre galaxy, Captain Leo MacGavin is desperate to find the mythical alien technology that will send his crew home. But when his crush on the ship’s hologram causes him to follow a shady lead, the Americano Grande is trapped by a pair of all-powerful space gods.


Duty-bound to protect their planet, these sexy centurions refuse to allow passage until the crew proves they are a harmless pleasure vessel. Fortunately, all they have to do is show their passengers a good time. Unfortunately, their passengers are a delegation of pregnant aliens with a conceited leader, xenophobic attitudes, and rapidly approaching due dates.


When one of the dreamy deities puts the moves on Leo’s love interest, can he set his feelings aside to save the ship? Can the crew satisfy the moody matriarch and escape the space prison with their lives? Or are they all doomed to fail this diabolical trial by leisure?


Galaxy Cruise: Trial by Leisure is the third madcap voyage of the cruise starship WTF Americano Grande, featuring nonsensical sporting events, parasitic potatoes, and a fish playing mind games with a plant. Join the adventure today!

Can a new world heal an old wound?

Molting of a Queen

by Peter J. Foote

Nina Carson is a part of a health & safety team and wants nothing more than to curl up with a bottle of wine to drown out the voice of her long-dead twin brother.

But when the team’s helicopter hits a mysterious storm and falls through a hole in the sky, it crashes on an alien world ruled by insects, and everything changes.

Survival in this alien world requires more than finding water & shelter. It also means Nina must learn to trust her own instincts — even when they go against all she’s ever learned. Because something in this strange world is trying to make a mental connection with her, and its intent is unknown.
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Galaxy Cruise 3: The First Chapter

I’m thrilled to be able to share the complete first chapter of Galaxy Cruise 3. There are no sign-ups or anything, just pure reading satisfaction.

Click the image to get to the full chapter. And enjoy! 😀

Go read that thing!

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And finally… Galaxy Cruise 3: Read it free!

As we rapidly approach the release date, I’d like to invite you to read Galaxy Cruise 3 before anyone else, and also for free!

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