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Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

The Galaxy Cruise Series

Join the hilarious, ongoing sci-fi comedy adventures of the cruise starship Americano Grande and its hapless crew.

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Zombie Reconstruction Squad 1: The Goopy Ghosts

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My children’s-author alter ego M.K. Radican has some funny books for your eight- to twelve-year-old friends.

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Alexis vs. the Afterlife

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Before I settled into writing feel-good sci-fi comedy I wrote… a lot of weird stuff. Here’s the grab-bag of random classics!

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"The View from Here" by our pal Leon Stevens is on Amazon mystery discount right now. Grab it for this crazy-low price before it's gone!
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I am excited to announce that @PodiumAudio has begun production on awesome audiobooks of the entire Galaxy Cruise series!

And if you can't wait, I have a totally not-awesome audiobook available right now.

There's a blog post with all the deets here: