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Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

The Galaxy Cruise Series

Join the hilarious, ongoing sci-fi comedy adventures of the cruise starship Americano Grande and her hapless crew.

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Zombie Reconstruction Squad 1: The Goopy Ghosts

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My children’s-author alter ego M.K. Radican has some funny books for your eight- to twelve-year-old friends.

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Alexis vs. the Afterlife

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Before I settled into writing feel-good sci-fi comedy I wrote… a lot of weird stuff. Here’s the grab-bag of random classics!

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This was the kind of movie you don't bother pausing when you get up to go to the bathroom. OldPalMarcus photo
Check out the first Galaxy Cruise character art! Thank you to illustrator mariabirigui for this amazing drawing of Swooch!

Check out Galaxy Cruise here:

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