The Complete Library

Here’s a handy list of all of my books in one place. Click the series headers for more in-depth info.

— Marcus


The Galaxy Cruise Series: (Complete)

Book 1 – Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

Book 1.5 – Galaxy Cruise: Language Barrier (Exclusive download for readers of book 1)

Book 2 – Galaxy Cruise: Royally Screwed

Book 3 – Galaxy Cruise: Trial by Leisure

Book 4 – Galaxy Cruise: Many Happy Returns

The Omnibus – All four novels in one ebook volume


Books for Kids (as M.K. Radican):

Book 1 – Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Goopy Ghosts

Book 2 – Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Voltage Vampires

Book 3 – Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Smoky Skeletons

Book 4 – Zombie Reconstruction Squad: The Watermelon Werewolves

Trick or Treat: Free for All! – A FREE Halloween Anthology


The Weird Stuff:

Amber’s Blind Date (As Casey Summers)

One Must Kill Another

Alexis vs. the Afterlife

Alexis vs. the Merry Menace (Get it free in ebook and crappy audiobook!)

Caster’s Blog: A Geek Love Story

Walkin’ on Sunshine: A Quantum Physics Sex Farce (Get it free!)



The Great Beyond Anthology (Out of print) – Featured story: “The Captain’s Yacht” (Get the story free!)

Hellcats: Anthology (Out of print) – Featured story: “Tough Times at Tomcat Talent” (Read it in your browser)