Sci-Fi Comedy Interview: Ethan Freckleton & J.R. Frontera

What do you get when you mix spaceships, pirates, and a healthy dose of livestock? Today we’re going to find out as we talk to Ethan Freckleton and J.R. Frontera, authors of the hilarious Starship Ass series. The first book, Starship Ass: Of Donkeys, Gods, and Space Pirates, kicks off the unlikely chronicles of inseparable companions, Harry and Buddy. No, but seriously, Harry and Buddy are literally inseparable. You see, Buddy is a run-of-the-mill donkey, and Harry is a symbiotic alien tick burrowed into his spinal cord and driving him like a puppet. And if that sounds like your brand of insanity, you are goingRead More →

Sci-fi Comedy Author Interview: James Tramontana

Sometimes people ask me to recommend a sci-fi comedy book. And they want it to have time travel. And Elvis Presley. And a space trucker hauling heavy-metal concert gear across the galaxy. And it absolutely must include a Russian cosmonaut chimp shot into space in the 1980s who was picked up by aliens and turned into a super-intelligent cyborg. This is the point where I’d normally say, “Go home, Goodreads user! You’re drunk!” But if you asked me for that recommendation today (and for the sake of this introduction, let’s pretend you did), I have an answer, thanks to rocker, nerd, and super nice guy,Read More →