One Must Kill Another

Genre: Supernatural thriller
Current status: On sale now!

One Must Kill Another

In a secluded hideaway, a family is trapped by an evil entity with an ultimatum: Two of them can leave the woods alive, but only after they murder the third.

Happiness is elusive in Hollywood. So is love. Action star Kimberly Savage thought she’d found both. But when her husband Matty turned out to be an abusive freeloader, she divorced him and started a new life with their daughter, Rebecca.

Thirteen years later, a world-weary Kimberly wants to heal her estranged family. Matty is convinced he can win back the love of his life, but Rebecca wants nothing to do with either of them. The scars of her childhood have healed on her body, but not in her heart.

When the family reunites at their old mountain cabin they’re attacked by creatures straight out of a horror movie. Straight out of a B-movie, true to Kimberly’s career, but still deadly.

As dark secrets are revealed, each person must decide who’s to blame for their troubled past—and who deserves to die.

Alexis vs the Afterlife

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Current status: Coming April 2019!

AlexisAlexis Appleton used to play a kid sorceress on a hit sitcom. But that was years ago. Today she’s an eighteen-year-old has-been, desperate to escape the shadow of her old TV persona. While struggling to reinvent herself as a punk-rock guitarist, Alexis manages to impress a music-industry bigwig who promises to make her a star. But a freak accident quickly ends her celebration. And her life.

As a ghost, Alexis discovers the afterlife is disturbingly similar to her old sitcom. Paranormal monsters are real, and so is the nonsense TV magic she used to destroy them. When a deceased medieval prince tries to recruit her in his centuries-old war against the creatures, Alexis isn’t having it. She didn’t want to be a fake sorceress in life, and she doesn’t want to be a real one in death.

But when she realizes her unexplained magic could bring her back to life, Alexis becomes committed to uncovering its secrets. Along the way she falls for a ghostly Chinese cowgirl and is forced to make a tough decision: resurrect herself to a new rock-star life, or stay with her dead crush and become the magical warrior she never wanted to be?