Some manuscripts working their way through the publishing pipeline from my brains to your eyes.

Alexis vs the Afterlife

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Current status: Editing

AlexisAlexis Appleton used to play a kid sorceress on a hit sitcom. But that was years ago. Today she’s an eighteen-year-old has-been, desperate to escape the shadow of her old TV persona. While struggling to reinvent herself as a punk-rock guitarist, Alexis manages to impress a music-industry bigwig who promises to make her a star. But a freak accident quickly ends her celebration. And her life.

As a ghost, Alexis discovers the afterlife is disturbingly similar to her old sitcom. Paranormal monsters are real, and so is the nonsense TV magic she used to destroy them. When a deceased medieval prince tries to recruit her in his centuries-old war against the creatures, Alexis isn’t having it. She didn’t want to be a fake sorceress in life, and she doesn’t want to be a real one in death.

But when she realizes her unexplained magic could bring her back to life, Alexis becomes committed to uncovering its secrets. Along the way she falls for a ghostly Chinese cowgirl and is forced to make a tough decision: resurrect herself to a new rock-star life, or stay with her dead crush and become the magical warrior she never wanted to be?

One Must Kill Another

Genre: Adult Horror
Current status: Editing

Savage ReunionFailed screenwriter Matty Savage would do anything to win back his ex-wife’s affection. After all, marrying Kimberly Savage—the hottest Hollywood “It Girl” of the 1990s—was the greatest achievement of his life. Which has been in decline since she divorced him thirteen years ago.

Bex Savage, Kimberly’s daughter, is a twenty-three-year-old personal trainer. A loan from her millionaire mother is all she needs to launch her own fitness center, but the faded scar cutting her face in two is a constant reminder of why she turned her back on Kimberly forever.

Tortured by Hollywood ageism, a graying Kimberly retreats to her secret luxury cabin in the mountains to reevaluate her life. Happy memories of their old vacations there inspire her to invite her estranged family to join her. Matty hopes their reunion will open Kimberly’s heart. Bex just hopes it’ll open her checkbook.

When Matty and Bex meet Kimberly at her secluded rustic mansion, a supernatural evil takes the family captive until its blood-chilling demand has been met: Two of them can leave, but only after they murder the third.

Old emotional wounds are torn open as the Savages fight to escape the cabin with their family intact. But each of them knows their family hasn’t been intact for years. They are three people with wildly divergent agendas and deep-seated grudges. Have their family bonds frayed thin enough to allow a sacrificial slaughter in the name of survival?