“We never say, ‘Who’s going to get this?’ We always say, ‘The right people will get this.'”

Joel Hodgson
This is MST3K

Hey, gang. It’s your old pal, Marcus.

I’m a former TV writer and a current novelist with a few upcoming titles in the publishing pipeline. One of them is a weird thing with two dead teenage lesbians saving the world from a paranormal apocalypse. The other is a weird thing with a damaged family trying to kill each other in the woods.

I’ve been told many times by many publishing professionals that my writing is fantastic, but there’s no audience for it. It doesn’t fit in a genre or on a shelf. Nobody will get it. Nobody will buy it. Nobody will read it.

Seth Godin, all-around big-thinking idea guy says, to paraphrase, you can’t convince other people to like your bullshit. The best you can do is find the tribe of like-minded people who already like your bullshit and make them your besties.

I am a man in search of besties who like his bullshit.

I am also a man who may not have actually read Tribes.

I am also a man who is too old to say “besties,” but does anyway, because YOLO.

This blog is mostly about my travels and adventures, as well as news about my ongoing projects, and probably a bunch of butt and poop jokes.

If this sounds like a party you’d like to join, you should probably sign up for the Army of Marcness, my totally awesome email club. You’ll be the first to know about new blog posts, upcoming book releases and special events, and you’ll prove to me and the world at large that our tribe exists.

Let’s exist together. I’ll bring the pretzels.